Weapons Policy

Westercon 68 encourages the wearing of costumes of all kinds in and about the convention site. Should you be carrying a prop or real weapon, use common sense. Peace bonding is recommended. The convention wants to avoid any accidents, which may involve what might seem to be harmless horseplay. If your actions, with regards to your props, might be dangerous to others around you, you will be asked to put your props away. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the convention without refund.

Westercon 68 prohibits the following items:

  • weapons prohibited under California law: see the California Dangerous Weapons Control Laws (ag.ca.gov/firearms/dwcl), in particular, note California penal code sections 12020, 12550-12556, 653k, and 626.10
  • real firearms (working, disabled, or otherwise)
  • metal blades (knives, swords, etc.)
  • loaded projectile weapons (airsoft guns, disc guns, etc.)
  • loaded water guns or other liquid “weapons”
  • any other potentially harmful weapons or props as determined by Conjecture Operations

Westercon 68 restricts the following items:

  • unloaded projectile weapons (airsoft guns, discguns, etc.)
  • imitation firearms
  • practice swords
  • any prop which could be mistaken for an actual firearm
  • any other potentially harmful weapon or prop as determined by Westercon 68 Operations

If you have a potential weapon or potentially dangerous prop, please bring it to the Operations office in Terrace Salon 3 (around the corner from convention registration)

If an item is prohibited you will be asked to remove it from the premises, or take it to your private hotel room.

The hotel at its discretion may not allow weapons that the convention would. In such a case, hotel security may require you to put your weapon in your room or car. If this should happen, please comply graciously and promptly.

(Should any member be required to carry a weapon at all times as a condition of their job, please discretely inform convention operations, providing identification confirming your employment and carry it in a manner so that it is not easily observed.)