Photography Policy

As is customary at many of our events, photographs of participants and their guests are taken and posted on the Web. We believe that the use of these photographs enhances the overall event experience by the participants. This practice will occur at Westercon 68. Under the circumstances there is a real possibility that your photograph may be taken by us or attendees and thereafter posted on the web. By attending Westercon 68, you give your consent to the posting of such photographs by us or others and waive all rights and claims with respect to the posting of such photographs.

While we have no control over other peoples’ websites, SanSFiS does not list names with the photos on our website. If you would like your photo removed, please contact the webmaster at Please reference “Westercon 68 photo” in the subject line to avoid being considered “spam” and include the URL of the page your photo appears on.