Costume Policy

Westercon 68 / Conjecture 13 / Conchord 27 encourages its members to participate by wearing hall costumes or participating in cosplay. We are sharing our hotel with other events, so, as the old saying goes, no costume is no costume. If you would not expect to see parts of your body exposed in public places such as shopping malls, then please ensure that your costume covers it.

If your costume has any parts that stick out beyond your normal body dimensions, such as wings, hoop skirts, etc., ensure that you know where these parts are at all times.

Please refer to our weapons policy regarding what weapons may and may not be carried. Please stop by convention operations to have any allowed weapon “peace bonded” to know that you are agreeing to our weapons policy.

The following are not policy, but just recommendations:

First, due to the layout of our hotel, you will need to move between buildings. So, please take this into account when planning your costume. Also, if your costume requires you to wear shoes you do not normally wear, be prepared to change into alternate footwear. Finally, please consider your costume like any other clothing, and change it as frequently.