Getting to the Town and Country by Bicycle

San Diego is a bicycle friendly city, for the most part.

There is a bike trail that runs mostly along the south side of the Rio San Diego west from near Qualcomm Way.  This trail crosses to the north side slightly after crossing under CA-163.  After this, the trail runs along Riverwalk Drive.  Near the Fashion Valley Transit center, the hotel maintains a bridge over the river.  Cross the River on this bridge.  Directly across from the bridge is a walkway that leads directly to the hotel.

Alternately, there are bike lanes along Friars Road for much of its length.  Leave Friars and travel south along Fashion Valley Road to Riverwalk Drive, just south of the trolley tracks.  From there, the bridge described above is a short distance to the east.

The hotel has at least one bike rack.  The known bike rack is located near the hotel timekeeper’s office.  On the hotel maps (here), the office shows as an unlabeled building along Regency Lane near the building with room 3749.