The following directions get you to the Town and Country Resort and Conference Center depending on how you plan on arriving in San Diego.

Once at the hotel, you may need directions to get around the expansive property.  The hotel has a map which may be found here.

Westercon 68 / Conjecture 13 / Conchord 27 will be located mostly near the northwest corner of the property.

  • The Con Suite, room parties, and a large number of our member’s sleeping rooms will be in the Royal Palm Tower.
  • Convention registration, accessibility, site selection, and some fan tables will be in the Golden Pacific Ballroom Foyer
  • Dealers Room, Art Show, Fan Tables, and much of our programming will be in the Golden Pacific Ballroom.
  • Children’s Programming and other panel programming will be held in The Meeting House.
  • Gaming is tentatively scheduled to be in The Tiki Pavilion.