Morva Bowman and Alan Pollard

Morva is a retired professional organizer, Alan is an almost retired electrical engineer. They have been attending their local F&SF convention, Keycon, for 20+ years, but only really got into filk music about 10 years ago, thanks to Decadent Dave Clement. They have been singing together since high school but retirement has given this vice more time so they have started spending more time singing and writing music. Morva came to F&SF the good old fashioned way through books. ( She reads almost as fast as Spencer Reid ) Alan was caught by the classic movies in the 60’s and 70’s. ( he’s really old ) So their musical inspiration is a mix of written and visual sources coloured by their folk background. They run the music hospitality suite at Keycon, the local gen-con along with the aforementioned Dave Clement and host house concerts featuring itinerant musicians from all over North America. This is their first Interfilk gig and they are ecstatic that it is at ConChord.