Fan Table Groups

Westercon 68 / Conjecture 13 / Conchord 27 will make a limited number of tables available for fan groups.  Fan groups that may get tables include, but are not limited to, annual conventions; seated Westercons, Worldcons, and NASFiCs; bids for Westercons, Worldcons, and NASFiCs; and other fan groups.

Most of the fan group tables will be placed in the Golden Pacific Foyer, but some may be located in the Golden Ballroom depending on how many requests we get.  Note that the Golden Pacific Foyer is not a secure space.  It is the responsibility of the fan groups to ensure that their tables are secured when not occupied.

The cut off date for requesting a table is June 15, 2015.  If you need a fan table, please email  the following information:
Organization name

Person in charge

Who is running the fan table

Telephone number

Email information

Please note: unless you have made special arrangements with Westercon, all those manning fan tables are required to pay for their memberships.

Groups wishing fan tables should contact our fan table coordinator, Eylat Poliner, at