Masquerade Information

Costume Types

Re-creation Costumes: are costumes based on any visual source such as a painting, movie, comic, or book cover.

You must provide documentation that includes a photocopy of the original visual source(s).

You are encouraged to provide multiple views of the original costume where possible.

You are required to submit four(4) documentation sets. The judges will compare your completed costume to the supplied documentation.

Original Costumes: are costumes where the design came from the designer’s imagination. A costume is still considered original if it is based on a text-based description rather than a visual source.


Presentation Judging:

The presentation judges panel will normally judge each entry on what can be seen and heard on stage. If you are entering a re-creation, the judges will also be comparing your costume to the documentation you are required to provide.

Workmanship Judging:

Workmanship judging is optional and is intended to recognize those costumers who have put extra effort into making their costumes.

Judging will be held in the Green Room before the stage presentations take place

You may enter the whole costume or specific pieces for workmanship judging. Please note that the judging is open to a multitude of techniques in addition to fabric sewing.

Skill divisions

Novice – This division is open to anyone who is not required to compete in the Master or Journeyman divisions. This means you have won less than three Novice division awards and no awards in any higher division.

Journeyman – This division is open to anyone who is not required to compete in the Master division. Enter this division is you have won three or more Novice division awards and less than three Journeyman division awards and no awards in the Master division.

Master – This division is open to anyone who has won three or more Journeyman division awards or have won one or more Master division awards. If you have a question on the division you should complete in, please ask.

A printable version of this information can be found here.