Daily Archives: May 10, 2014

Conchord 27 Interfilk Guests

Conchord 27, which will be held in conjunction with Westercon 68 and Conjecture 13, announces that our Intefilk guests will be Morva Bowman and Alan Pollard

Morva is a retired professional organizer, Alan is an almost retired electrical engineer. They have been attending their local SFF convention in Winnipeg for 20+ years, but only really got into filk music about 8-10 years ago. As with so many things filk related, blame Decadent Dave Clement! However, once hooked, they were committed, and now it seems to be their joint retirement project. They started making music together in choir back in high school, but now devote their energies to parodies and original songs on books and movies and cats and…well…whatever. It’s filk!

Interfilk is a fan fund. Most fan funds raise money to transport a fan to a convention that they would not normally be likely to attend. In our case we raise money from filk fans to transport members of the filk community who have something special to share. More information on Interfilk can be found at www.interfilk.org